Principle Of Marketing Module3

For this and all other module discussions, you will follow the same instructions: Find a news article that is less than two months old that is relevant to any concepts from any of this module’s assigned chapters. In a post, you must (1) list the name, publication, and date of the article, (2) paste a link to the article, (3) include a minimum 100 word summary of the article, and (4) include a minimum 200 word discussion of how the article is related to the module’s chapters, and (5) pose a question related to the article. This step must be done by Tuesday, 11:59pm Central Time. The question can be anything related to your post. Is there something you didn’t understand? Can the article be extended to another context? What are the implications of the article? The only real requirement is that it needs to be open ended instead of something that could be answered with yes or no. You must post an answer to one of the questions posed that week. Your answer must be well thought out, directly responding the question, and have some relevance to that week’s chapter. Your answer must be at least 200 words.
Each of the two components is worth 5 points…
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