Problem Solving Creativity And Solution Setting 19936205

Assessment Description: Select the case study that is representative of your industry sector (or study stream).
Identify the key problem(s), disruption or opportunity; demonstrate the use of creativity and creative tools and methods to develop three possible solutions. 
Select one possible solution and recommend an implementation plan with justification and reasoning why the selected implementation plan is the one recommended.
Assessment Criteria: Identification of problem, disruption and/or opportunity in the context of businesschange Explanation and demonstration of the rationale for tool selection and its application  Feasibility and viability analysis of the possible options/solutions Convincing justification of the recommended implementation plan Clear and actionable managerial recommendations
The paper I submitted failed and needed to be revised?I have uploaded the passed paper, so I can give you the structure and content for reference.  
Teachers’ feedback and grading criteria are also provided. The main problem is recommendation part, Gantt Chart and problems corresponding to the solution.

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