Project and Stakeholder Mangement

Define the terms Project, Program, portfolio and project management. Illustrate the terms using a model example in 400-600 words.

write 2-3 page stakeholder analysis in an essay-style format using MS Word and fill out the Stakeholder register template. Notes from your team discussion help you defend your position on the stakeholders’ inclusion. your essay should outline who they are to the project, their roles, responsibilities, and positions at the company (internal or external), and their level of influence on the project.

Fill out all of the sections in the given templates with as much information as possible. The goal is to document everything you know and everything others need to know about this project thus far.

Your Project Team:

Leader: You

Member 1: Jerry Lawson MS in Business management 6 yrs exp within the company.

Member 2: Sara Jenkins MBA and BS in Electrical engineering 4 year procurement and acquisition exp within the company

Member 3: Melissa Grant MSM in Project Management and BS in Electrical Engineering 6 year business analysis, quality assurance, and risk management, with a construction background exp within the company.

Member 4: Mike Green MBA in Marketing undergraduate in Electrical Engineering 5 years exp with in the company.


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