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Project Description
Compose a well-developed paragraph of 5-12 sentences on the topic below, using Microsoft Word. Remember to run a spell check and a grammar check to catch and correct any errors, and proofread by reading your work aloud.
In a well-developed paragraph of 5-12 sentences, recommend a restaurant. Your audience is people who might consider eating at that establishment. (If you prefer, instead of a recommendation, you may warn patrons away from a particular establishment.)
The paragraph should include a topic sentence that gives your opinion of the restaurant, as well as 4-10 sentences of supporting facts, opinions, and examples or evidence to explain your point of view. For support, you may wish to comment on some of the following areas:

Food (e.g., selection, taste, presentation, portions)
Service (e.g., friendliness, promptness, correct order)
Setting (e.g., atmosphere, seating, comfort)
Prices (e.g., affordability, value)

Conclude the paragraph with a strong ending sentence.

You may write more than one paragraph. However, if you choose to write more, you will want to be sure that each paragraph includes its own topic sentence and support.
You will have an opportunity to revise and expand on this idea if you wish to do so in the descriptive essay rough draft in Week 2, or you may choose a new topic for that assignment.

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