Choose one of the scenarios below to prepare a voice-over PowerPoint presentation.

Your target audience includes newly minted MSWs to whom you are providing training on social work research methods for their practice. Presentations provide a key form of communication in the social work field and will be used throughout your program. You may already find you use presentations in your work. Presentations are used for many different kinds of conference sessions, from panels to posters. Presentations are also used in training and teaching in all settings. They provide an invaluable tool during webinars, seminars, and other training and information-sharing venues. Presentations are used to propose projects, show a status of progress, and defend ideas. Be sure to review the NCU Guide to Creating a Successful PowerPoint presentation located in this week’s resources.

Scenario 1: Assume you are a social worker supervisor for a young adult men’s forensic facility for individuals 18 to 24 years old. You have noticed that there is an unspoken rank and file among the residents (for instance, certain residents are allowed to cut in the lunch line while others are not) as well as a somewhat secretive code of behavior that staff has observed. You are interested in better understanding the culture of this facility through the eyes of your social work staff, who provide case management to the residents. You have weekly supervision appointments with each of your case managers (this is your sample) and plan to interview the staff members on resident culture during the individual weekly meetings with you.

Determine the questions you would ask.
Indicate if these questions lend themselves to quantitative or qualitative methods.
Identify the research design you would choose.
Identify and discuss any ethical concerns and how you would overcome these concerns.
Explain your role as the researcher.
Describe how you would record their information and protect their confidentiality.
Scenario 2: Your agency provides emergency food and used clothing to clients. You are asked to describe your clients’ level of satisfaction regarding the services that they received through your agency.

List the questions that you would ask to collect information on clients’ satisfaction with these services.
Explain how you would collect data using a quantitative method.
Identify and discuss any ethical concerns and how you would overcome these concerns.
If you were to use a cross-sectional design, determine which method(s) you would use to collect information, and then explain why.

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