The final paper (5-7 pages in length) will require students to apply the “target-centric approach”

analysis methods learned in the course to rigorously analyze an intelligence topic. Students will

be expected to begin thinking about a paper topic early in the semester and then provide a one-

page paper outline and topic proposal, to include at least five sources of information for the

paper, so that the instructor can provide feedback and approval of the topic.

The formatting requirements for the 5-7 final page paper are 12-point font, double-spaced, with default/standard margins. The page-length requirement of 5-7 pages, does not include cover pages, summaries or precis, works cited/bibliography pages, or any graphics, tables, etc. This means the paper must include at least five pages of written text.

Any standard academic citation format will be accepted – APA, MLA, Turabian (Chicago Manual), etc. The grading criteria for citations only require students to select a standard academic format for citations and use their choice exclusively and consistently throughout their paper.


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