read job application email and make edits thanks

Greetings Ms. P

I am writing in regards to my job application for Service Staff IV. I spoke to both Eugene and Mr. Mike whom I have known since my 5 years of working on the Temple University’s main campus as an Allied Universal Security office about my application situation and they give me your information and said to speak to email you. I know for certain that they can vouch for my work credentials as can my supervisors and account managers at Allied. I applied online in June my application was under review for some weeks and then the status switched to no longer being considered without reason, I recently applied under Job Number: 18003798. I am writing this to say that I really need this job and I believe that I have all the necessary qualification. I recently came to your office to better speak about it in person and introduce myself but the front desk assistance Ms. Nicole said you were not taking appointments in regards to such situation this is what lead to Mr. Mike and Mr. Eugene giving me your email i sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this email may cost and thanks in advance for reading my email.


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