read the bio 2

watch this video

write a critique 1 and half pages long 12 font double spaced

Your critique should answer the following questions:

  1. Give the name of the speaker you are critiquing: Sam Kass or Mark Bittman. What is his take home message?
  2. Describe 3 facts or ideas he presented that you found most interesting.
  3. How will you change or not change your diet based on what you learned?
  4. Practice using the PubMed database. Find a recent scientific article (published in the last 5 years) about any aspect of nutrition in children. Give the reference (see format below) and use the paper’s abstract to summarize their findings or conclusions in 1-2 sentences. Format: List the last name of the 1stauthor, followed by year of publication, title of article and the name of the journal. Include the URL of the article. data base website


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