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This is the A+CE Signature Assignment. Select one of the following theories below. Research the theory and write a 5-8 page paper explaining the theory, giving examples/applications of the theory, and implications that this theory has in everyday life. Link the theory with a current community issue (examples include homeless, healthcare/insurance, police brutality, terrorism). Include information as to why you believe this theory can best be linked to this particular community issue. Students will research and write a paper about a specific theory discussed in the class, resulting in a 4-8 page paper. To be successful, students must apply the chosen theory to a community issue and consider different perspectives or solutions. What are the limitations of studying this issue, with respect to the theory that you have linked to it? It is expected that students will utilize at least five sources in addition to the course textbook. You must include a works cited page. MLA or APA format is permitted. Evaluation will be based on organization, depth of analysis, grammar, sentence syntax, and referencing your sources.
Select one of the following theories:
Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
Social Exchange Theory
Uncertainty Reduction Theory
Equity Theory
Predicted Outcome Value Theory
Communication Privacy Management Theory
Interpersonal Deception Theory
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