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Requirements for Paper

This is to be a 4-5  page paper MAXIMUM,  (not including the title and reference page) in APA format (7th ed) answering the following questions.  You do not need an abstract.

  1. Identify a patient problem you have in you work setting.
  • What formal structures are in place to help address the problem?
  • What evidence (as in journals or professional sites)  is there for addressing and investigating the problem?
  • What barriers did you face in searching for evidence?
  • What databases did you access for evidence and why? (be specific).
  1. Find a clinical practice guideline from a source that publishes guidelines, such as the American College of Cardiology CHF guidelines, that would be suitable for the problem you identified.  (Google “patient guidelines_____” for the topic you choose. Give an overview of the guideline. Critically appraise the guideline using the AGREE II Instrument posted below.
      • discuss a clinical practice problem from your place of employment
      • find and discuss a clinical practice guideline that would address that problem
      • critique the guideline using the agree II instrument within the body of the paper.
      • you do not need to write up the 23 questions within the agree II but can use the 6 domain headings that the questions fall under.  This is not a yes or no response.  It is to be an interpretation of the guideline as related to the AGREE II instrument.
      • submit this as a 4-5 page, 6th or 7th ed APA paper not including the title and reference pages.  No abstract.
      • do not submit the Agree II instrument either in the paper or as a separate document as it is to be encompassed within the body of the paper.

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