research proposal and i have an example template to follow

1. TITLE: Title should be a descriptive statement of the project (Example: Enablers and

Barriers of Refugees’ Safe, Voluntary, and Sustained Returns: Taking Stock of Return

Efforts in Western Balkans, Burundi, and Ukraine)

2. SHORT COVER LETTER : A personal statement summarizing the proposed

project and your personal goals and expectations. Why are you interested in this


3. INTRODUCTION : Explain your scholarly question and provide a

rationale for your project. Include a narrative review of appropriate literature with intext

citations. What is your research question and why is it significant?

4. PROCESS : Describe your project design and methods. Include a

description of materials and equipment necessary to complete the project (if any).

What will you do to answer your research question?

5. TIMELINE : Provide a detailed plan for your time considering you have

144 hours to complete the project. How will you schedule your time if this research

proposal gets funding?

6. EXPECTED OUTCOMES : Describe the anticipated outcomes, products

and/or results of your project and its contribution to the scholarly community. What

will you produce? How will your results be disseminated in the field?

7. BUDGET : Standard allocation is up to $1000 for students; you may

budget funds according to your project needs. How will these funds be sp


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