Research summary presentation | Applied Sciences homework help

 “You are presenting to women with overweight or obesity who are looking to become pregnant. The purpose of your presentation is to educate these women on the role overweight and obesity can have pre, during, and post-pregnancy. Please create a presentation for these women”. 
The presentation should range from about 10-12 slides. 
       Suggested Presentation Development Title slide (1 slide does not count in slide count) 
Introduction/background: Give information on the topic you’ll be discussing and remember to present the information at a level appropriate for your audience (~3 slides) 
Interventions: (~3 slides) How can your audience achieve the outcome you’re presenting? 
Give Examples: (~2 slides): How can the audience you’re talking to apply what you’re saying?
 What to monitor (1-2 slide): Tell us what things someone should monitor to see if the intervention they are making is effective/helpful/safe. 
Conclusion: (1 slide) Tell the audience what the take home message is from your presentation; in other words, what would you recommend they do 
References: (1-2 slides not counting toward slide count) Please list your references here in AMA format.  
Please use these 4 articles to create a presentation 

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