Rust Belt in Song

As we continue to read Voices from the Rust Belt, let’s look at the ways that the ideas presented in those essays appear in other forms of popular media – specifically music. Using a song and one of the essays from Rust Belt assigned in October (see course schedule for eligible selections), write an essay that argues for crossover of ideas. The finished brief essay will be fully constructed (Introduction, body, conclusion) and make use of direct quoted and cited sources from both your chosen song and chosen Rust Belt essay.

Songs that can be used are found here:

Grading: I’ll be looking at overall construction. Did you make an argument in line with the assignment above? Are there distinct paragraphs that analyze by topic? Did you use representative and specific material from the chosen essay and song to support your position? Does each body paragraph contain a topic sentence, intro to source, quote, analysis, and transition? How’s the overall formatting?


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