schedule risk and readdressing scope

“Schedule Risk and Readdressing Scope”

  1. Imagine you are working on a project where the project manager does not analyze the critical path.
  2. Select two (2) tool or techniques that you would use to analyze the critical path, and appraise the importance of your critical path analysis to both the project manager and the client.
  3. Imagine you are working on a project to establish WAN/LAN for about 50 workstations.
  4. Select two (2) tool or technique that you would use in order to address schedule risk.
  5. Provide a rationale to support your response.
  6. Use a min of two (2) reliable resources using APA format

“Establishing a Performance Measurement Baseline”

  1. Imagine that you are managing a project that involves the development of a new hotel in Washington, DC, near all of the major tourist ttractions. The hotel will have 250 rooms, which will generate room revenues of between $250-300 per night per room.
  2. You are required to submit a budget proposal for this project.
  3. Determine the top-three (3) important elements of your budget proposal, and specify the main reasons why each element you have determined are important.
  4. Using the same scenario from Part I of this discussion, determine the best way to establish a performance measurement baseline for your hotel project.
  5. Thoroughly Justify your response
  6. Use a min of two (2) reliable resources using APA format

“Collecting Cost and Schedule Performance Metrics”

  1. Watch the video titled “Cost Management Basics” (7m 59s). Video Source: SoftwareManiacLSM. (2012, Feb 6). [Video file]. Be prepared to discuss.
  2. Watch the video titled “What is Earned Value Management (EVM)?” (10m 8s). Video Source: Project Management Institute. (2014, Mar 18). [Video file].
  1. From the first and second videos, develop one (1) innovative way to track key project costs (e.g., labor hours) for a complex project that lasts for two (2) years and involves more than fifty (50) resources.
  2. Be as creative as you like, and provide two (2) example which shows the significant ways in which your innovation would work in a real-world situation.
  3. Using the hotel project above, determine the best practice for conducting an earned value analysis for the project in question.
  4. Provide a rationale for your determination and two (2) specific example which illustrates the significant ways in which the best practice in question would work in real life.
  5. Use a min of two (2) reliable resources using APA format


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