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6. What is the distribution of AIDS in America by race/ethnicity? Are there social explanations that can account for differences in prevalence by race and ethnicity?
Purpose of Paper: The purpose of this paper is to further your understanding of issues of race, racism, and human variation. You should be able to discuss race, racism, and human variation from an anthropological perspective, use anthropological sources, use library resources and turn in a finished product that utilizes concepts discussed in class and course readings.
General rules for your paper:
The paper should be 5-7 typed or computer printed, double-spaced pages in length with print no larger or smaller than what is on this page. You must use a standard font such as san serif, courier, Times New Roman, or Arial. This page uses Microsoft Word Arial 12 font. Use standard formats including 1″ margins all the way around. Syntax, grammar, and spelling should be correct. They are a part of your grade. Your essay should have an introduction, discussion, and a conclusion. The introduction should clearly tell the reader the major points of discussion in your paper. Have a purpose statement somewhere in the first paragraph of your introduction. Write clearly, concisely, and professionally. Science writing is formal so avoid informal language, such as “we, you, they, them, our, yours, you know, or ok.” Avoid contractions. The organization of your paper is part of your grade.
I am looking for essays that are well written, comprehensive, and display independent thought. The best papers apply course concepts and use the vocabulary specific to the discipline of biological anthropology.
Place a cover page over your paper with the following information: your name, title of paper, Anthropology 3610 and date.
Use scholarly sources for your references and citations. These can be obtained by using the library databases such as EbscoHost, Social Science Abstracts, Medline, Lexus Nexus, etc. Do NOT use Wikipedia or Google! (In class, I’ll explain why I don’t want googling.) You may use MLA, APA, AAA, Chicago Style or any other standard format of your choice for in text citation and referencing at the end of the paper.
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