signature study assignment

Signature Assignment:
Signature Assignment-Due no later than Sunday 11:59 PM PST in
module 8. This signature assignment has 2 parts: (1) a written
component, and (2) a voice over PowerPoint presentation.
Please see
the helps in the reading section of module 8 and/or at the end of this
document to assist you with developing the presentation.
Written Assignment requirements

The signature assignment must include the following:
8-10 pages double spaced
At least 4 references throughout the paper that is peer
APA format with reference list and in line citation Word or PDF
format only
Size 12 Font

Title page (title of the paper, name, date, class name)
Headings (including all the required areas of the paper)

The Signature Assignment for this course will be an application of
concepts explored throughout the course, and Module 6 in particular.

Module 6: Systemic Formulation

The field of MFT has evolved rapidly from its inception just a few decades ago, responding to both internal influences such as couples research to external cultural forces and shifting norms.  With the benefit of this wealth of information and guided by a collaborative philosophy between clients and therapist, a system has emerged to help formulate effective treatment. This Systemic Formulation is comprised of three phases.
Dallos & Draper, Chapter 5

Suggested Websites:

The following websites provide examples of genograms:

The effective practice of MFT requires an allied, collaborative approach that provides clients with access to whatever community resources they might need. For own record, briefly define each of the following community resources, and identify one location within a 20-30 mile radius of your location. It is a good idea to create a document with the name, address, and telephone and/or website address of the locations. A working MFT has to have information such as this at the ready for when a client will need it.

Contemporary Community Mental Health Settings

bilingual client services
collaborating with other professionals

To the best of your ability, briefly explain how an MFT would
conceptualize Three Phases of Systemic Formulation in the context of
your own family or a family you know well. Details can be fabricated if
necessary. Use initials or a made-up name to identify members. This
is a clinical, objective, observational analysis of the family system
explained in a third-person narrative. The genogram can be created in
Word or drawn by hand and scanned in, but it must be included in the
paper. (note, the portal only accepts 1 document so be sure that your
genogram is part of the entire paper).
For your paper, be sure to define and explore the following:
Genograms (Here you will do both, discuss what a genogram is
and visually make onea genogram is three generations deep)
The referral
1 / 3
Deconstructing the problems
Contextual factors
Beliefs and explanations
Problem-maintaining patterns and feedback loops
Emotions and attachments
Before concluding the paper, identify a problematic pattern in the
family that may need to change. Since the portal only takes 1
document as a submission, include the link of your oral presentation
at the beginning of your paper (See Presentation Requirements in the
next section). In essence, your paper will include the explanation and
research on the family system terms listed above, along with your
genogram that was drawn in, and the link to your oral presentation all
in one document.
Presentation Requirements
Create an oral presentation where you discuss the patterns that may
need to change and your rationale. Then discuss how you as a
therapist would bring up the topic in therapy, how you would explore
the family dynamics around the topic in therapy, and how you would
go about promoting change within the family system.
This presentation needs to be done using power point with voice-over
and needs to be at least 10 slides.***Your oral presentation must be
uploaded along with your paper.***
In order to submit the oral presentation link in your paper follow the
directions below:
Upload your oral presentation to a file sharing site and then include
the link on your paper. Here are instructions from Google Drive for
2 / 3
There are different instructions on the page based on what device you
are using:


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