Social media TWO engagement activities about the brand SUNGLASS HUT

Should be submitted using the following format: ● MS-Word (.docx, or .doc file format), 1-2 pages in length ● 12 pt font with 1-inch side margins, double spaced ● Use professional language and be formal in your writing style ● Standard business English with fewer than five (5) grammatical/punctuation errors ● Include 5 references; MLA or APA formatting is acceptable ● Answer all of the following questions.

Create TWO experiences for your brand to enhance what they are doing in social media. For each social media activity you create, include the following: EXPERIENCE STRATEGY a. Describe the activity, what message are you trying to get across? b. What is the objective? c. What zone does this fall in? d. How can you encourage engagement? ACTIVATION PLAN Create an activation plan for your new activities by identifying: a. Timeline for implementation b. What budget implications there will be for implementing the activity? c. How does this fit into the overall social media plan for the company? MEASUREMENT PLAN a. Develop a metric for each activity to measure whether the activity met its objective? b. Identify the type of metric. (Activity, Interaction, Research) Chapter 10.


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