sociology of native american people paper 12 15 pages no rubric or guidelines creative writing

Final paper for a class called Sociology of Native American People. No guidelines. Allowed to talk about anything that stood out as far as content this year. Professor is a fan of creative thinking. As long as paper reaches page limit it’s impossible to fail. Will provide outline for thoughts. Overall the class gave context as to what really happened to the Native Americans when this country was founded. And the long term effects after their society was basically torn apart and confined to impoverished reservations. I will add my last two papers for reference. Both papers had similar guidelines (so basically none).
1. Class style was different than normal classes taught in the Business school, very reflective. Discussion based
-Spend time writing about why it may be better to structure a Sociology class like this (heavy emphasis on reflection based on the books we read.)
2. Similarity in trends in both the Native American and Black communities in Modern era. ( Mass Incarceration, Drugs, Violence, Poverty, )
-Mass Incarceration
-Drug Use (alcoholism is a big issue on reservations)
-Violence (“Oglala Incident”)
3. We Watched a movie called “Incident at Oglala”. Look it up and reflect. Movie is located on Youtube and summaries are available online
(I attached my two papers. Both were really about nothing and was poorly written. And I still received an A)
Professor is very old school. No Turnitin. Feel free to copy and paraphrase.

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