Spe 572 | special education | National Louis University

Educational Services & Placement Options, Teacher’s Role, Related Service Grid & Gallery
2 Fieldwork Hours
Due M6
The purpose of this assignment is to explore and describe the different types of educational service & placement options and related services available for students with IEPs and the role of the teacher.
For this assignment, you will work in assigned groups and will research one of the special educational service & placement options for students with IEPs. Using the grid template provided, describe related services, learning environment options, and the role of the special education teacher assigned to your group. Also, identify the benefits and limitations of the options and the questions one should consider when deciding the environment where the student should receive special education services as identifies in the IEP. Each group will present their findings to the class. Students will complete and submit the grid using information provided during presentations.
Your presentation can be in the form of a powerpoint, prezi, google document, etc. Feel free to be creative.

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