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Stalin’s Purges
Project descriptionTopicStalin’s purges inflicted incredible suffering on his people, yet he remained admired by many, even long after his death. Using pertinent sections from these texts
(Riasanovsky, Engel, Ginzburg) and three documents in the McCauley anthology. The essay must explain the survival of Stalin’s popularity.
The first 2 to 3 paragraphs must be to the causes and course of Stalin’s purges. Then show why and how victims suffered. Then finally explain what the purges actually
accomplished, and why Stalin remained a popular figure in the Soviet Union, despite the suffering he inflicted upon millions of soviet citizens.
The paper should have at least 2 source citations per page. In text citations are acceptable (Riasanovsky, p. 426) or (Bukharin, cited in McCauley, p.42), or
(Berenhnaia, cited in Engel, p. 101)
All texts should be used and cited in the paper.
Include direct quotes from the documents, Engel anthology and the Ginzburg memoir in the paper.
N. Riasanovsky & J. Steinberg, A History of Russia. Oxford University . ISBN 978-0-19-534197-3
Barbara Engel, ed. A revolution of their own: voices of women in soviet history. Westview press. ISBN €“ 0-8133-3366-0
EUGENIA Ginzburg. Journey into the whirlwind. Mariners books. ISBN 978-0602751-9
MARTIN MCCAULEY, Stalin and Stalinism , longman 3 edition. ISBN 978-1-4058-7436-6

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