student program presentation

Brief Description:
Each student will be assigned a Global Health Program by the instructor. The Global Health Program presentation will contain five sections viz.
Problem Statement,
Program Design,
Program Operation,
Results, and
Each section will contain between 4 to 5 content slides (excluding title, references and plagiarism screenshots). Each slide will have atranscript that is not a repetition of the slide content. See a Sample Presentation (both with notes and without notes) along with a sample transcript. PLEASE REFER TO RUBRIC FOR DETAILS ON GRADING
The entire presentation will be submitted in two parts:
The first part will consist of the Problem Statement, Program Design and Program Operation A total of 10-15 slides (excluding title, references and plagiarism screenshots) will be submitted.
The second part will consist of the Results and Discussion A total of 8-10 slides (excluding title, references) will be submitted.
All submissions must include two files: A PowerPoint file or a PDF file of your slides slides, and a Word Document or PDF file of the transcriptions for each slide. All these requirements will be considered for grading of both the parts of the Global Health Program Presentation Assignment. The details are mentioned in the Grading Rubrics, so review the rubric before you submit your assignment to ensure you fulfill all requirements and score the highest possible grade.
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Review your presentation topic.
View the grading rubrics for Submission 1 and Submission 2 to learn how grades will be determined for the project. Use these rubrics to make sure you include all of the required elements.
View the Presentation Format to see the guidelines for your presentation format
See References Example for the acceptable format of references.
Sample Transcript.
application/pdf iconstudent_presentation_rubric_submission1_summer_2016.pdf
application/pdf iconstudent_presentation_rubric_submission2_summer_2016.pdf
application/pdf iconstudent_program_presentation_format_summer_2015.pdf
application/pdf iconsample_transcripts_summer_2015.pdf

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