survey paper on computer security of automated vehicles

Write a report paper on computer security of self-driving vehicles. Do a research on related articles to identify potential security issues and categorized those threats then research on possible solutions.
Some guidelines for reports are:
– Describes an application of security concepts or technologies used in a new way.
– Describes a security architecture
– Displays a clear understanding of the relevance of this report to related efforts and products, including references as appropriate.
– Is readable without accompanying explanation (i.e., is written in prose, not as bullet items as might be on briefing charts).
– Report as survey, it should present a convincing, comprehensive new taxonomy of the studied area. It should provide qualitative comparison. Does the report have significant tutorial content? Is there a description of lessons learned that are given to the reader to help the reader avoid pitfalls in his own work?
– It should be well structured and written.
– It should be 7-8 pages.
– Must use APA format citation
– Template attached
– No plagiarism
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