syndicated data analysis project 2

I did this project here in Study pool but who did it. it was really bad. I got 75 out 100. the professor give me a chance to fix it. I will send to u the work and the feedback of the professor.
I have a project for Marketing course. I attached the data below and the Power point file . My brand name is Cadillac car. You have to do power point. please read all file to know how to do it. I don`t need a word file
•Focusing on your Auto Brand
•Identify at least one, preferably two auto brands with similar demographics – these should appear to be core competitors •Based on your demographics, what kind of person do you think is driving your autos? •Develop recommendations for Media •Use the data to show why the two channels you selected would be good marketing partners by displaying their performance vs. other channels •Also, use the Cable Network Demos spreadsheet to demonstrate that your channels are a demographic match for your Auto Brand
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