analysis of GST Inc project

The assignment involves an analysis of GST Inc project to consolidate their data mart.  Outline the main issues of the case and layout the specifics.  Once you define the problem, provide recommendations of what you would recommend GST Inc should do in relation to a CRM investment.

You are a member of the Business Impact Modeling team at Teradata.  Analyze the project and calculate the ROI and payback period for the analytical CRM investment.  Then, based upon your thorough analysis, help Davis make a recommendation to GST’s executive management.  In preparing your write-up, consider the following questions:

  1. What cash-outflow investment is required to initiate the proposed acquisition program?
  2. What sort of monthly cash flows should GST expect to realize from the new program?
  3. What is the expected ROI?  Expected payback?
  4. How does the team’s decision to utilize a three-year horizon affect the ROI?  Payback?
  5. How should the team incorporate its discussion of the data reliability into the Business Impact Assessment?
  6. Why might using a higher hurdle rate for risky investment be a good idea?  Why might it be a bad idea?
  7. Should Kolks and Johnson adopt Teradata’s proposed acquisition solution?
  8. Create a 1 page dashboard with various charts.
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