Art & Craft Of Screenwriting Short Film

Write a scene in correct screenplay format (see Field, Ch. 13) between 2 & 4 pages (no MORE than 4 pages). The scene demonstrates the concept of “conflict” as described in our course sources.

ASSIGNMENT: Write a scene between two characters in which the third type of event occurs, as described in Spencer (95): in other words, one character either gets what she wants or does not get it. Regardless, however, she also gets a third thing: something unexpected, something more than was bargained for. Remember, this third type of event is also a result of the action and conflict.


  • Scene should have exactly 2 characters (no more, no less)
  • Between 2-4 pages ONLY (no more than 4 pages)
  • Scene MUST be in correct screenplay format (Field, Ch. 13)
  • Scene must be written in Celtx, or other screenwriting software: use the website
  • Attach as a PDF doc to maintain proper formatting
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