CDC Milestone Tracker

The medical application selection for this assignment will be “CDC Milestone Tracker”.

o Use the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple iTunes App Store for Apple devices to search for the medical application as determined by the table above.

o In order to complete the following guided appraisal, download the app to a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The apps are free and do not require purchase to complete this assignment.

2. PART 2: Answer the Medical App Critical Appraisal questions thoughtfully and comprehensively. Use the criteria headings on this outline as the headings on your properly APA- formatted paper.

o NAME: What is the name of the app?

o AUTHOR: Who created, developed, or maintains the app? Explain.

o ENDORSEMENT: Is the app licensed by the Food and Drug Administration, other government agency, or endorsed by an academic institution or medical professional organization? Explain.

o OPERATION: Which platform (mobile or web-based) is suitable for the app and why?

o AESTHETICS: Is the information displayed in a way that is easy to navigate? Is it easy to use? Can you use it without instructions? Explain.

o PURPOSE: What is the intended purpose or use of the app?

o CLINICAL DECISION MAKING: What influence does the app have on clinical decision making? Explain.

o SAFETY: Is there potential for patient harm? Explain

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