childhood through high school

Think back on your childhood through high school, when you were forming your ideas and values, and remember the messages you received about people who may have been different from you. You may have gotten these messages through:

Teachings from parents, guardians, church, community, or school.

Statements from the media, newspapers, radio, TV, etc.

Things you just knew- maybe no one ever talked about it out loud.

Statements from your peers and other kids in the neighborhood or at school.

What messages did you learn about the following differences in groups of people, and how did you receive these messages?

A) Gender

B) Age

C) Religion

D) People with Disabilities

E) People who were less financially stable than you were

What insights about yourself have you gotten from thinking about these messages at this time?

Please supply full answers to each of the observations above, with a minimum of three sentences for each topical area and give specific examples of how this message was given to you (neighborhood kids? grandparents? listening to the news?). How did the timing of your development of these thoughts affect your understanding, and has your thinking changed on any of these messages? Label the assignment with your last name and the word Perspectives, then save and submit.

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