collaboration and teamwork

In 450–500 words, address the following prompts:

  • Provide an example of an effective group or team at your place of work.
  • Identify the membership, mission, and goals of the group.
  • How does nursing leadership promote effective communication and interpersonal collaboration within this group?

Utilize:one or two of Internal predisposing factors:   at the center, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, values, personality, voice, presentation, style, gender, culture, history, experience, education, roles, skills, ability

use one or two of Cures of ineffective interpersonal communication: talk openly, learn how to respectfully disagree, learn collaboration, resolve your issues, do not focus on other issues


RUBIC: Well-organized content with a clear and complex purpose statement and content argument Writing is concise with a logical flow of ideas

Provides clear examples supported by course content and references. Cites three or more references with the last 5 years, at least one new scholarly resource that was not provided in the course materials.

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