conflict resolution plan

Imagine that you are a leadership consultant. some tips added in description.

  1. Use your example of conflict in your professional practice (from the last week assignment topic  miscommunication between day-time nurse and night nurse, unproductive and unpleasant working environment ) and build on the readings, videos, and peer input you received.
  2. Critically analyze the situation and create a plan that would have helped to resolve the conflict and promote collaboration among the group.
  3. Your plan should include seven to 10 scholarly references and be seven to eight pages long (page count does not include the cover or references list). Review your conflict scenario and include the following
    • Comprehension: Review the details of the conflict scenario, identifying the type and effects of the conflict.  2 general Types: Intrapersonal and Interpersonal conflict occur between 2 individuals: nurses, doctors, or nurse manager or staff nurse (this is what the previous essay about). Other types are intragroup , intergroup conflict, relationship, task and process conflict
    • Application: Relate course content on delegation (depend on each staff competency), empowerment ( allow nurse to assumed control his/her practice, enable him/her to be successful within organization), group dynamics ( diversity in patient population and health care workforce in united state, nurses from different country, culture- need to be aware of culture differences), and constructive group roles and behaviors
    • Analysis/Synthesis: Clarify understanding of the internal and external variables contributing to the conflict. (internal predisposing factor: feelings, thoughts, values. personality, voice, culture, upbringing, education, skills, roles) and interaction of internal and external variable (your control: your body language, demeanor, voice, eye contact, behavior) not under your control ( others and situations).
    • Create a plan that would have helped to resolve the conflict and promote a high functioning health care team. (Learn how to respectful disagree, listen to issues, ask them come up with resolution and guide the conversation, widen your perceptions and awareness of those around you and the environment, learn collaboration, be open to input from others. ask for honest feedback)
    • Evaluation: Summarize the value of effective conflict resolution skills for the nurse leader. ( work with your staff, leave position at the door, be respectful, mindful of surrounding environment, be civil)
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