The 10 Best Cities Outside Australia

While Sydney is usually number 1 on travelers lists worldwide, and Melbourne ranks as the ‘most livable’ a scout of polls online and through our travels we reckon these cities make the grade as the world’s best cities to travel outside Oz.

10.Portland, USA

This overlooked gem is many things American cities would love to be. Well planned, green, open minded, great food, micro breweries galore, night clubs, famous strip clubs (Courtney Love got her stare here) and one of the better local music scenes in the world. Well worth a visit.

9.Bangkok, Thailand

A love it or hate it type of town, Bangkok seems to be keeping its soul despite the rapid pace of development. Still a great place for a stopover.

8.London, UK

Over summer it can feel like the whole world is in London, while in winter Christmas feels something more like it should. Still a place Aussies find themselves based more than any other (and now more affordable thanks to the mighty Aussie dollar).

7.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

For the view over the mountains, an energy you can almost grab, the soccer, the people. Rio is a place where you don’t want to miss a second. Just don’t let the almost 50/50 chance of being mugged put you off going.

6.Cape Town, South Africa

Vying closely with Rio on the natural wonder stakes ( and also on violent crime rates) a few days in Cape Town will be hard to forget. Take a tour of Robin Island and sit in Mandela’s cell, take the cable car to the top of Cable Mountain, watch a cricket game, maybe get mugged/maybe not.

5.Chicago, USA

While the harsh winters are best avoided, this place feels like walking the set of a Batman film. Gothic architecture, some of the best restaurants in the country, clubs, pubs, organised crime and the home of Barack, Chicago rocks.

4.Marrakesh, Morocco

The sounds and smells of this place will stay with you long after even the shortest visit. Sure its touristy, but the stories being retold in the main square are for the locals, the markets are where the locals shop; you just feel like a guest. A few days is enough.

3.Prague, Czech Republic

While I’m biased here (being 1/2 Czech), walking around this place at Christmas while the snow falls and the hordes of American tourists are few has to be one of the better travel experiences. Take a break from the cold with the world best beer and relax. The food is rubbish, but the place is unforgettable.

2.Paris, France

If it were not for the famed rudeness of the people and the novelty prices for just about everything this might be number 1. The world’s most visited city is one of those places that’s actually an equal to its reputation.

1.New York, USA

For the sheer energy of the place alone there is nowhere like New York.

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