the cultural effect of social norms standards of beauty and how it can impact young minds and mold how they think

“To recap:

The purpose of a literature review is to identify and critically analyze an area of published work on a specific subject. In order to accomplish this, an author of a lit review must conduct careful research to select a representative sample of writing, summarize and evaluate each item, compare them, and synthesize their theoretical foundations and the information that is representative of the sample as a whole. AGAIN: The final product will be organized thematically rather than sequentially, so start looking for similarities and relationships early in your research process. A paper that merely summarizes articles one-by-one is NOT a literature review.

Some specs:

The text of your final draft must be at least 8 FULL pages of text long (try to keep it under 10). This does not include the reference list, which should be alphabetized and come after your review (starting on a new page), or a title page if you have one (not required).
You must integrate at least 8 sources; more is fine
Your final paper must include an introduction, which should include a quick discussion about why your topic is important, your topic statement or research question in bold font, and a sentence or two that give an overview of your papers organization (like a preview sentence of sections, themes, etc).
Section headers are nice, but not required (make sure they conform to APA formatting!)
Things to keep in mind

How to avoid plagiarism:
Any time you use five or more words directly from someone elses work, you must use quotation marks and give attribution to the original author.
If you are using a concept or an idea or an argument or a conclusion that comes from someone elses work, you must give attribution to the original author. Depending on how specific the idea is, you may need to provide a page number even if no direct quote is used.
The section on the Rough Draft assignment guide page called “APA In-text Citations: The Basics” can help you decide what kind of quote/citation to use
Any instance of plagiarism, whether its deliberate or accidental, will be reported to Student Affairs with a recommendation of no action. You will receive a grade of zero for the final draft.”

What’s needed is APA format Literature review (I just put research paper, because I wasn’t sure what to put), title page, page numbers and heading, apa in-text citations, 8 pages, and references at the end.

I’ve attached an example the professor has given and my proposal.

Thank you SO much.


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