Please respond to this post in 5 sentences or more.

Three elements that I believe would create a strong company culture would be connection, celebrations and commitment to learning and development.

Connection is a critical aspect of the culture of a company as it blends the levels of leadership and doesn’t isolate management from the front line employees. I worked for a company as a customer service representative and noticed that the director of the company would make it part of his day to walk around the center for at least an hour. He would engage in conversation on a personal level and develop a strong connection with each of us. Eventually the center appointed a new director who didn’t implement connection as a priority. You could sense the decrease of moral throughout the center and recognize the impact that the prior director’s connection left on the center’s culture.

Celebrations have a huge impact on positive culture. It is important to celebrate work related accomplishments but also personal events. An example of work related celebrations would be accomplished individual/team goals, best in class or improved performance. An example of personal events would be birthdays, weddings or a new member of the family.

Another strong element of culture would be the commitment to learning and development. It is important that there is focus on developing our employees and leaders to be better than we were yesterday. An example would be a leader creating an action plan focusing on improving an employee’s current performance. Another example would be a leader creating a career progression plan for someone that may already be meeting/exceeding performance,


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