The “greening” of business: Is it a matter of ethics?

Research Paper: The research paper should be a minimum of 5 pages and should cite approximately 2 (or more) different references. It should be double spaced (no double-double spacing between paragraphs allowed), with 1″ margins. The paper should be on one of the following topics: 1. Diversity: Is it really an ethical issue? 2. The “greening” of business: Is it a matter of ethics? 3. The Glass Ceiling: Are women still treated differently? 4. EEOC and Affirmative Action: Is this ethical treatment for all? 5. Is the News Media ethical in its reporting? Your research paper should use normal referencing to indicate the citation in the text body plus must have a bibliography at the end of the paper. Important: The research paper must be 5 pages (minimum) plus bibliography. Page count does not include cover page, graphics, bulleted lists, or bibliography. Generally, the research paper will follow the following format: I. History and Overview of the Issue II. Arguments that Support the Practice or Issue. III. Arguments that Oppose the Practice or Issue. IV. Discussion of Ethical Issues; A consideration of the logic of each side of the issue. V. Conclusions (What is the proper view based on ethical reasoning?) You should use the principles learned in the course to pursue the discussion. You can do this from your home using Google, or use the Lexis/Nexis access through the University library, TOPIC-The ethical impact of COVID 19 in Nigeria economy and politics.   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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