The Media

Choose a topic for research
. Choose from the list below:
Artificial Intelligence
Drone Warfare
Human Identity
The Media
Technology & Medicine
Pose questions worth exploring
. The goal is to come up with questions of your own
that will help you narrow your focus, challenge your knowledge, and lead to a
per that is grounded in factual information. Ask questions that open with
, and
It’s helpful to begin your research with several questions in
mind. As you review various sources, you may decide to pursue one question over
the others, or a
new question may develop that leads you to the purpose of your
research paper. Ultimately, your paper should present an argument. Whether it’s
an argument of definition, ethics or an analytical or interpretive argument, the
purpose must extend beyond bein
g purely informative. Thus, consider developing
questions that will lead you t
oward an argument. Finally, keep in mind
research is a process of discovery. Do not pose questions with obvious answers or
questions that you already have answers to; se
ek to learn something new.
Make a research plan
This is The Research Proposal, due
June 28
. Once you have
chosen your topic and posed several questions to guide your research process,
submit your questions for res
earch as well as a plan for how and when
you will
conduct your res
earch. Sample
proposals will be made available on Canvas
Begin your search
. You must locate your sources through the DCC Library or another
collegiate library database. You may conduct a survey and/or an interview if it is
relevant to your topic, but p
lease send me an email if you think you would like to
do this. You should be able to find plenty of sources (including video and audio
texts) through the DCC Library’s database, so please
refrain from using Google
as your main search engine
for this assign
ment. You may also use u
p to two
sources from our class
Guidelines for using the DCC Library database will be
available on Canvas, and I encourage you to contact me if you encounter any
trouble finding sources.
English 102
Evaluating Sources
Read critically
. Ch
oose sources worth your time. Assess the writer’s argument, and be
aware of bias as you collect information.
Guidelines for evaluating s
will be
made available and Canvas
Keep a working bibliography
. As you find sources that you would like to
use, keep
track of their complete publication information so that it’s easy to find the sources
again. You may also wish to take notes as you read each source, so to AVOID
PLAGIARISM be sure to put exact language in quotation marks and keep track of
page a
nd paragraph numbers for any ideas that come from the text. This will
make your life much easier when it comes time to incorporate all of the source
information into your paper.
at least four
sources will be due to our Can
vas Discussion forum on July 5
. Specific
instructions for this
assignment will be provided closer to the due date.
Finalize your annotated bibliography
. Once
you have concluded the research
process, arrange the sources in alphabetical order, provide complete MLA
entries for each source, write or revise
evaluative summaries of ea
ch source to
clarify the purpose
of the source
in your paper, and write the introduction for your
annotated bibliogra
phy, making sure to include a tentative thesis for
your research
’s argument
Closer to the due date, I will post an additional handout that
explains the complete req
uirements for the Annotated Bibliography. Additionally,
I will provide samples to illustrate.
The complete Annotated Bibliography is
due July 12
Drafting Your Research Paper
Compose a draft
. This draft should have an introduction that grabs readers’ attention
and holds on to it. Necessary background information should be provided so that
readers understand the purpose of the paper, and by the end of the second page a
clear thesis should stat
ed. Your purpose must be to analyze or persuade. No
matter the purpose, readers should be able to discern the value of that purpose.
While composing the draft, concentrate on development and correctly
incorporating sources. There will be time to edit for g
rammar and rhetorical style
during the revision and editing stage of the writing process.
Review & revise the
. You are expected to post a complete draft of this paper to
the Workshop Discussion forum prior to its final due date. This will give
classmates and me
time to review your work and make suggestions for
improvement before you submit the paper for a grade.
The draft
is due to our
Canvas Discussion forum
no later than July 19
English 102
Finalizing Your Research Paper
Edit your paper carefully
. Rhetorical style, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and
MLA correctness will all be considered along with the content and development
of this paper. The earlier you can produce a draft, the mor
e time you will have to
perfect it before you submit it for a grade.
The final, polished paper is due July
26. Late papers will earn a zero
As you can see, this is a HUGE assignment, and it is worth a lot toward your final grade.
But, if you get starte
d now, you’ll find
(I hope) that it will not be a
painful experience
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