the professional interview report

You will prepare a 3 – 4 page written report on the results of an interview with a person who holds a professional position similar to the one you hold or would like to hold in the future.

This is a formal report and will include a clearly defined Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. The report will be double-spaced in a standard font. You will also include a copy of the materials that you used for background research, (this will be included as a separate page in an annotated bibliography format.) Though web-based resources are fine you will not just include a series of links, clearly identify the material and why you used it. These materials do not count towards the length of your report. Additionally, you will include a copy of the letter that you sent requesting an interview, (this can be an emailed invitation,) interview questions, and the Thank You letter that you sent following the interview. While it is preferable to conduct the interview face-to-face you may conduct your interview by telephone, Skype, Google Hangouts, or other technological means.

Be sure to identify the company, position, name of the person that you interviewed, and contact information. This also does not count towards the length of your report.


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