this is a discussion board assignment from class mbus 302 whole assignment is posted in the requirement section

Individual Post: Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality – Initial Post Due Wednesday 9/4
Importance Guidance:
•Keep it brief to write and to read

•Initial post 200 – 300 words. (no penalty for going over – but no compelling reason
•Replies/Comments should add to the conversation – share your thoughts (think 50-100 words)

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are techniques that help enhance an individual’s experience with the world through enriched digital components.

•How has VR or AR been applied in practice? Find a specific example to highlight
•In your opinion, what are potential challenges associated with VR/AR applications?
•Do you think VR or AR is going to be widespread in the future and why?

Best Approach

Find a good example of VR/AR that is used by a business (lots of news stories out there)
Describe it and add your thoughts on its value – stay brief
Look at the assignment bullet points and see if there is any more you want to add

Please conduct your own research and make your own individual post on any of these questions.
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