Threat assessment plan

Access the information on the environment that you will be using to create your threat assessment plan, and then address the following
questions. Each question need to be answered by using the terminology of the industry.

  1. Explain the advantages of having a threat assessment plan. (100-200 words)
  2. Explain the core elements of a threat assessment plan (150-250 words)
  3. Discuss the use of technology in threat assessment in 600-750 words, by addressing the following:

a) Identify the types of technology that is being used for threat assessment by local, state, and federal LE agencies.
b) Identify the technologies being used by the emergency management and private threat protection fields.
c) Give examples of the technologies and how the technology is used in threat management.
d) Assess the viability or effectiveness of the various technologies used by these threat management fields.

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