Three Little Poems

Finding Home:

It seems long ago, in a far away place, that two souls came together at last.

Finding passion and power, in a Love that was deeper, than either had known in the past.

I found joy in your presence, comfort in your arms, a warm place that was deep in your heart.

I tried so hard to give you, the same in return, I was sure that we never would part.

You gave me such pleasure, you warmed my heart over, gave me unending feelings of bliss.

You gave me the feeling, that I’d always be Loved, all with the passion in your kiss.

Not merely a heart, had I found when we met, nor just the wonders which to me you had shown.

But with regret now I see, that I didn’t see then, what you gave me could become my home.


I like to sit in reverie.

I hope to get in touch with me.

Some times I wonder off, into a world all of my own.

If I could find somewhere like this, I’d have a home.

Reality is wrong.

And now the whole world’s gone.

And I can sit here in this world all of my own.

Some times I think the spark is gone.

In spite of all the things I’ve done.

And then I think about the things that I’ve been shown.

Just little facts of life that most have never known.

Dreams are only dreams.

Never what they seem.

And then I wake up in this world unlike my own.

Dark Mistress:

It’s not all night until the morning, so keep on running along.

Must run all night and hide at morning, although you have done nothing wrong.

In dark of night you hide your self, and vanish when it’s light.

In dark of night you fade away, and disappear from sight.

You wallow in the darkest night, you’re happy on your way.

you’re active all throughout the night, but always shun the day.

You hide, you hide in shadows dark, there’s comfort in their folds.

Enchanted by the darkness and, the mystery she holds.

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