Turabian Essays

Turabian essay are types of Turabian style papers that requires the writer to discuss a certain topic usually in his or her own point of view.
There are other types of Turabian style papers. These include Turabian style essays, Turabian style term papers, Turabian style research papers, Turabian style thesis and Turabian style dissertations. Turabian style papers are usually written following guidelines provided by the Turabian Manual of style developed by Kate Turabian. Turabian style of writing is similar to the Chicago style only that Turabian is used more specifically for academic papers.
Turabian style papers provide two options for documenting sources. The first is the note bibliography system. This system utilizes markers to cite sources inside texts of Turabian style papers. Markers are raised Arabic numerals that are placed at the end of sentences containing ideas from a source.
These markers may be numbered consecutively through out the Turabian style papers or may be numbered differently from one chapter to the next. The sources cited by the markers are then reflected at the bottom of Turabian papers in Turabian style footnotes or at the end of a division in the Turabian style endnotes.
The footnotes and endnotes provide details of sources cited by the markers inside the papers such as name of the author, title and place of publication and publisher. Information cited by the footnotes and endnotes is then reflected at the back of the papers in the Turabian style bibliographic page.
Entries in the Turabian style bibliography are arranged in alphabetical order and are indented using the hanging indent. The second option of documenting sources in Turabian style papers is the author/ date system followed by a list of reference at the back of the document.
Under this system sources are cited inside the Turabian papers using the name of the author and the source material date of publication. These are enclosed inside parentheses and placed at the end of sentences containing ideas from the source. When the author of a particular material cannot be identified the name of author is replaced by the title of the publication inside the parentheses.
Materials cited inside text are then reflected at the back of the Turabian style papers in the Turabian list of references. The Turabian list of references are also arranged in alphabetical order and only material cited inside text are entered in this page. The entries in Turabian style list of references provide additional information of sources cited inside the Turabian style papers such as name of author, date of publication, title of the publication, place of publication and publisher incase of a book or URL incase of an electronic source.
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