Twenty Great High School Graduation Gifts

Its time to discover some great high school graduation gifts for graduates that are bound for college. These are gifts that they will actually use and cherish. Get creative. These are just some ideas, this list will get you started.

1. Go to a Target or a Department store. Grab a back pack and head off to fill it with tools from the College Essential List.

2. Go to an office supply place. Grab a plastic filing box, they are going to need one anyway, and fill it with tape, a stapler and other school supplies on the College Essential List.

3. Go to a computer supply place. Grab a computer bag and fill it with power chords, a USB Flash Drive, blank disks etc… Check the College Essential List for other ideas.

4. Personal Printer with plenty of extra ink cartridges and paper.

5. Microwave.

6. Dorm Refrigerator.

7. Fan.

8. Good Desk Light. Lighting is terrible in dorms.

9. Monogrammed towels.

10. Go to a discount department store and grab a plastic container that can also be used for storage under the bed. Fill it with a hanging shoe organizer adding toiletries the graduate will need. Don’t forget a pair of flip flops for the shower. Refer to the College Essential List.

11. At a discount department store, grab a bucket and fill it with cleaning supplies your graduate will need for the dorms. Any prepackaged cleaning products are great. Be sure to throw in room deodorizers.

12. A plastic container with spare batteries, rolls of quarters and a book of stamps.

13. Spare set of bed sheets.

14. Multi-tool.

15. Address book with important addresses and phone numbers already written in it.

16. Toolbox with tools. Put their name on the tools.

17. Toiletry bag with favorite products inside.

18. Large storage container filled with healthy junk food. Add a bottle of vitamins.

19. A dozen pair of underwear.

20. A box full of eating essentials: fork, spoon, knife, can opener, ziploc bags, paper plates and paper napkins.

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