Two Poems

The Era

There’s one era in my life that I’ll never forget. I tried and hoped to bring it back, but that hasn’t happened yet. it’s the era of a girl who had the love that I cherished since we met, our love was sweet and fragrant, everyone called her my pet.

but one of those days, when our flow would go bad, we had this fight; I had to ponder and wonder again…… what she did wasn’t right. but her love was now hiding, her presence I was missing, I needed them back in my sight; so I ran to her, beggin’ to have her back- with all my might. my guys were like- ‘what! how could you do that? men you must be weak. you’re the man in this game; treat her hard till she’s meek. it’ll only take a week.’

a long while after that, we had another bitter flow, now I thought I was smarter. I scolded her down and said ‘if you don’t change, I’ll stroke you much harder.’ she walked out on me, I thought I had won and so I felt real cool; two weeks went by, she never came back, I knew I’d been a fool. now I’m missin’ her crazy, she’s my only lady but she won’t talk to me.

that’s the era in my life, i’m trying to bring back, “I’LL COMPROMISE GIRL, TOTALLY!”

A lil’ love from nature

Have you seen an eagle glidin’ high in the sky? far above all struggles we’ll soar, knowing no high.

Have you seen a swallow make its nest in due season? just what we should do to shelter our love for every reason.

Have you seen a leopard catch and devour its prey? let’s not give this opportunity a chance to run away.

Have you seen the ant gather till all its stores are full? that way we’ll plan our future, we won’t be chained with the fool.

Have you seen a beaver make a dam in running streams? so we’ll build our homes, even in hardship’s beams.

Have you seen a hen shielding her chics from harm? let’s shield the fruits of our love, yet hold on to love’s charm.

Have you seen butterflies fluttering in a flower garden? so peaceful and full of grace, as the love in our garden.

Can you see that there’s much more to nature? it shows of God’s love; let’s ride in all its beauty, as it is from above.

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