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Unit 4A Discussion 1 – Due date 1/28/2019 (Monday) – $15.00
Discussion 1 Merits of Ethnic Treatment Matching
Choose one of this unit’s studies on ethnic matching and take a position weighing the merits of this approach. Based on your readings, would you support placing clients in groups based on the ethnic match between counselor and clients? Provide a clear explanation for your answer.
· Apply a theory to support personal characteristics as a counselor.
· Racial/Ethnic Matching of Clients and Therapists in Mental Health Services: A Meta-Analytic Review of Preferences, Perceptions, and Outcomes.
· Ethnic Matching and Treatment Outcome with Hispanic and Anglo Substance-Abusing Adolescents in Family Therapy.
· Counseling Dropout, Retention, and Ethnic/Language Match for Asian Americans.

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