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Write a 350-500 APA format word essay on the following topic:
Your QA team that has prescribed a set of procedures to be followed by the project team whenever a modified code/patch/application is released to the client. Your Project Lead informs that a release is required urgently by an important client. He says, all the steps in the procedure prescribed have been followed but due to time constraints each step is covered only to the extent of 30-50%. Further, the client needs the release in the next 2 hours itself. What will be your decision? Allow or not to allow the release? Why?
Also, discuss the importance of an action plan to ensure the issue doesn’t occur again. Note the importance of your internal quality and how to manage issues when the customer requirements require a need to deliver sooner. You are the contractor, how could you improve future performance? Could an external quality auditor assist in future time concerns?
Ensure the response focuses on benchmarking of quality metrics.

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