Using Measurement to Improve Health Care Value

Utilize the Clinical Value Compass (CVC) (unit of analysis is the patient or population) to describe a balanced approach to measure and display health care in the microsystem that you have designed to meet the needs of patients with a chronic care condition. For this assignment, you must include a diagram of Side A and Side B of the Clinical Value Compass (Nelson et al., Chapter 4, pages 156–157) for your proposed clinical microsystem. In addition, you must complete a Balanced Scorecard which should provide measures to assess if the system is meeting the members’ needs while matching up with the strategic plan and larger organizational vision. The discussion portion of this assignment should include an explanation of the four points of success, including:
Strategic learning and innovation. To achieve your vision, how will your microsystem sustain its ability to change and improve as fast as care needs require?
Key processes. To satisfy health care consumers, what key processes must your microsystem perfect?
Customers’ view of goodness. How should your microsystem appear to customers? Does the microsystem instill feelings of honesty, competence, and integrity?
Financial Results. To succeed financially, how should your microsystem appear to shareholders and board members?
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This should be 4–6 pages in length, 12 pt font, time new roman, 1″ margins and contain a minimum of 5 scholarly references that describe principles of measurement in clinical microsystems.

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