Group Research Project:  The purpose is to develop an applied understanding of consumer behavior in a different culture, to include information on the market forces (demographics, retailing, cultural factors (religion, language, and values), sociological factors, psychological factors, and other pertinent elements of global consumer behavior.
Single-spaced with double-spacing between paragraphs, Use Arial (10 pt) for the font.2 to 3 pages long.
Write at least 3 different references
III. Geographic influences on consumption including:  geographic characteristics of the country and their effect on climate, government and laws (political stability, taxation), economy (GNP, major imports/exports, per capita GNP), Media, Infrastructure (roads, housing, schools and universities, retail and wholesale business structure), major industries, population distribution.
Sources of information:  Current books on life in the country, academic research on business/consumption in the country, business press articles on facets of the country (Wall Street JournalFortuneAdvertising AgeForbes, etc.) travel guides, Business guides, Department of Commerce business reports, US State Department warnings.
Once you have your facts, a major part of the paper will be interpretation and application of topics in the textbook.  For example, when I ask about housing, I want to know more than where people live (urban, rural, villages, suburbs).  I also want to know what their houses are made out of, how big they are, and what that means for the lifestyles.  Do multiple generations live together?  Is there a housing shortage?  Do most people have indoor plumbing, electricity and other amenities we take for granted?
Try using multiple search terms.  I don’t just want statistics from the CIA Fact Book, I want some details.  So in addition to “Education in Nepal,” you might also try “compulsory education in Nepal,” “private schools in Nepal,” “graduation rate in Nepal,” “schools in Nepal,” “literacy in Nepal,” “teacher training in Nepal,” etc.  You will also want to have some statistics on how the United States compares with the country you are studying.
Do Not Rely on Wikipedia.  Do not simply copy from the Internet (blogs, other term papers, unattributed articles).  These papers will be automatically screened by when they are uploaded.  Use proper citations for your sources, preferably APA format.  If you have questions, see

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