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Week 7 – Major Paper
For your major project in this course, submit a 15 to 20 page paper on one of the last three cases in the Brown and Barlow (2017) casebook.  Choose Case 18, Case 19, or Case 20. In your final paper, provide a complete explanation of the DSM-5 diagnosis. Justify your diagnosis by explaining the specific evidence from the case study that supports your diagnosis. Include recent peer-reviewed research to support the following information related to the case: 

differential diagnosis (what disorders did you consider that may have similar symptoms, and why did you reject the other possible diagnoses?)     
etiology of the disorder (specific to the case chosen, supported by research)     
an explanation of the development of the disorder according to the biological, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive (or cognitive-behavioral), or humanistic perspective     
epidemiological data (of the disorder in general)    
effective treatments (based on a review of recent peer-reviewed research)

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