what is workforce planning

this essay is about workforce planing, 2300 words:

full Q: Discuss the benefits and challenges of workforce planning for organisations?

Interoduction: (150 words)

-workforce planing Definition.

-general informations.

Body: (2,050 words)

-theories about workforce planing.

-benefits of workforce planing.

-challenges of workforce planing.

-how it’ll impact the organisation if workforce planing fail.

Conclusion: (200 words)

-bring all the arguments together and what you assumes (opinion).


-Harvard Style.

*NOTICE, i attached journals and books where you can get information for all points, please put citation as many as you can, please take the information from the files that I uploaded and tagged.

*NOTICE, pleas discuss with me if didn’t understand any of my point.

thanks, good luck.


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