write an academic essay that argues whether the city of san francisco should keep the ban as it is modify it or end it entirely and why

Background: In june of 2019 san francisco board of suprevisors approved an ordinance that rules “No person shall sell or distribute and electronic cigarette to a person in san francisco” Un less that product has undergone premarket review by the US food and drug administration. Since no e-cigarette or vaping product has been reviewed by the FDA, this law effectively bans the sale of all such products in the city limits and to addresses in city limits (As it bans online sales as well), although it does not ban their use by people over twenty- one. Proponents of the new law point to the significant increase in underage users of e-cigarettes and the uncertainty of their health effects and safety. Opponents argues that tobacco products wihich are not included in the ban are much more dangerous and that prohibition will create a black market for the newly banned devices. Unless e-cigarette companies , led by san francisco based juul, are successful in their efforts to block the law, it will go into effect in early 2020.
Task: Write an academic essay that argues whether the city of san francisco should keep the ban as it iis modify it or end it entirely and why
Your thesis statement should directly respond to the task above (note that it has two parts)
You need to quote at least two of the assigned readings and summarize at least one
You need to quote or summarize at least one credible source that you find yourself
Your final draft should be at least three full pages long, be formatted according to 2016 MLA format including a works cited page for all the sources you used
Assigned readings : https://drive.google.com/file/d/17Cx4WRRPlFwRE9a2v3jvbPNo6ixBzzBA/view
“Vaping is big tobacco’s bait and switch” and ” san francisco bans sale of juul” Page 30
“Is vaping with E-Cigarettes safe?” and ” San francisco E-cigarette ban isn’t just bad policy ” Page 35
“San francisco top economist confirms vape ban” Page 40
Body paragraph 1 : Nicotine is addicted
Body paragraph 2: Vaping causes heart disease

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