writing full 5 pages double space apa format about a health organization

– I have a PowerPoints that have a lot of information and also a doc that you should look at when doing the paper.
– It is a full 5 pages of content not including the cover page or the reference page with APA format and include at least 2 references.
– Below are the questions, you can write about everything in the introduction, and then focus on one or two important things things to complete the paper.
– I would recommend you to write maybe about “Do a SWOTT analysis on this organization” because you can write a lot.
Financial Statements ^
Website ^

Give the history of the organization include the vision, mission and value statements, if possible.
What type of services or products do they provide?
Do a SWOTT analysis on this organization.
Perform a basic financial health analysis on this organization, include, if possible:(you should be able to make a couple of general statements about the financial health of the organization)

Current Ratio = Current Assets/Current Liabilities
Debt Ratio = Total Debt/Total Assets
Total Margin = Net Income/Total Revenues
Cash Flow

Based on your analysis, would this be an organization that you would use or want to work for? Why?
Give your recommendations to the BOD whether they should invest in this organization. Be specific.

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